XMLSpy and Microsoft® Visual Studio®

XML Functionality for Visual Studio Users

Altova has long been a Visual Studio Integration Partner (VSIP), recognizing that many developers using Microsoft's premier multi-purpose software development environment also require specialized XML development functionality. While Visual Studio does include support for some XML technologies, XMLSpy provides Visual Studio users with the all the specialized XML development tools required to build today's advanced XML and Web applications - directly inside the Visual Studio environment they are already working in. XMLSpy supports seamless integration with Visual Studio to add all the powerful functionality listed below.

If you need these features, you need XMLSpy.

Grid view with code completion
XML differencing
Entry-helper windows
Graphical XML Schema Editor
Database schema <=> XML Schema conversion
XML Schema documentation
Schema-based program code generation
Support for XSLT 2.0
XSLT 2.0 editor
XSLT Info window
XSL Outline window
XSLT 2.0 debugger
XSLT 1.0/2.0 profiler
XPath Analyzer
Intelligent XPath auto-completion
Automatic XPath generation for XML nodes
XPath execution across a project and/or multiple files
XQuery Editor
XQuery Debugger
XQuery Profiler
Support for additional databases*
Specialized support for viewing & editing OOXML in Word, Excel, PowerPoint 2007 (and higher)
Specialized support for transforming OOXML with XSLT
Specialized support for processing OOXML with XQuery
Validation & editing of XBRL instance files
Graphical XBRL Taxonomy Editor
Graphical WSDL 1.1 / 2.0 editor
WSDL documentation generator
SOAP 1.1 / 1.2 client
SOAP debugger
Support for development on the Java platform
Code generation in Java

When you install the XMLSpy integration module, all the advanced features listed above work seamlessly within the Visual Studio environment. For example, when you double click to open an XML Schema (.xsd) file, it will automatically open in XMLSpy's graphical XML Schema editor inside Visual Studio, as shown on the XMLSpy Visual Studio integration page.

*Databases supported by XMLSpy include: