XMLSpy Database Connection Wizard

The Database Connection Wizard originally developed for Altova DatabaseSpy is now also used in XMLSpy, MapForce, and StyleVision.

In both the Enterprise and Professional Editions of XMLSpy® 2017, the Database Connection Wizard provides a new, simplified, and standardized method to connect to any database for data import and export, or to create an XML Schema from a database structure (or vice versa).

The Database Connection Wizard in XMLSpy lets you to connect to any of these databases:

To take advantage of the Connection Wizard in XMLSpy to create an XML Schema from a database structure, follow these easy steps:

database connection wizard

import db structure

XMLSpy reads the table structure, builds the XML Schema, and opens it in the graphical Schema/WSDL view for visualization and editing.

The Connection Wizard is just as convenient when you connect XMLSpy to a database for importing or exporting data. It works the same when you connect to a database using Altova MapForce, StyleVision, and DatabaseSpy.