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Altova XML Development Tools

Altova is creator of XMLSpy, the industry-leading XML editor, and other award-winning tools for XML development, including MapForce, StyleVision, and more. Altova XML tools provide end-to-end development and data integration functionality, including modeling, editing, mapping, and even report generation.

Support for a wide-range of complementary technologies integrated in industrial-strength XML tools ensures that Altova MissionKit is your one-stop source for all XML development requirements.

The Problem

Though XML syntax is simple by design, XML development covers a gamut of tasks, from the very basic to the highly complex. Developers need graphical editing, conversion, and reporting tools to produce world-class applications.

XML development must take place alongside other prevalent technologies, including SQL databases, UML, and more. Not all XML development tools are equipped to handle this challenge.

The Altova Solution

The award-winning Altova MissionKit XML tools provide text-based and graphical views for all XML development tasks, including intelligent XML editing, XML mapping, XML report creation, XML diff/merge, and more. These powerful options have helped make Altova tools the best-selling XML development products in the industry.

All XML technologies are supported alongside complementary technologies such as SQL, UML, XBRL, OOXML, HTML, EDI, and more. Strong synergy among all MissionKit tools, as well as royalty-free code generation and optional integration with Visual Studio® or Eclipse, ensure optimal results and a seamless information workflow, regardless of the task at hand.

  • Industry's best selling XML editor for all XML-based technologies
  • Modeling, editing, transforming, and debugging tools for XML, XSD, XSLT, HTML5, and more
  • Graphical and text-based views customized for intelligent editing of XML, XML Schema, WSDL, XBRL, and more
  • Integration with all major relational databases
  • Advanced functionality for Web services development, code generation, XML chart creation, and more
  • Powered by RaptorXML for lightning-fast validation and processing
  • Any-to-any, graphical data mapping tool
  • Data integration support for XML, SQL databases, Excel, flat files, XBRL, and EDI
  • Advanced data processing and multi-step mapping support
  • Instant data conversion or royalty-free code generation: XSLT, XQuery, Java, C#, or C++
  • Report creation via StyleVision integration
  • Automation via MapForce Server
  • Visual report and form design tool
  • Support for XML, SQL database, and XBRL input sources
  • Output in HTML, PDF, Word, and Authentic® Forms
  • Autogeneration of XSLT and XSL:FO from graphical design
  • Advanced layout and data processing options, rich chart and graph creation, and more
  • Automation via StyleVision Server
StyleVision report designer
  • Diff / merge tool for files, directories, and databases
  • XML-aware differencing options
  • Compare and merge text or source code files, and synchronize folders and directories
  • Visual XML-based file management tool
  • Get an instant, accurate picture of XML infrastructure
  • Visualize file relationships between XML, XSD, XSLT, and other file types
  • Drag-and-drop to manage XML file relationships
  • Powerful, dynamic electronic forms editor for XML enterprise solutions
  • Allows business users to edit XML content in a user-friendly interface
  • Advanced support for business logic validation, XML digital signatures, rich input formating, and more

Unleash RaptorXML for hyper-fast processing of XML and XBRL on multi-core, multi-CPU servers.

In addition to the XML development tools listed here, Altova offers its third-generation, cross-platform XML and XBRL server for validating and processing large amounts of data cost-effectively.

Altova MissionKit wins “Best Development Environment!”

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