DTD Editor

DTD editor tree view

DTD Editor Features:

  • Syntax coloring, context-sensitive entry helpers, and more
  • Grid view for editing in a table representation
  • Strong DTD and XML instance validation
  • Generation of sample XML instance documents
  • DTD generation from XML instance
  • Conversion between DTDs and XML Schemas
  • Project management for associating related files

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XMLSpy DTD Editor

The XMLSpy DTD editor supports intelligent editing and schema validation of DTDs in both Text and Grid View. Both views provide context-sensitive entry helpers and other editing guidance as you type.

If you prefer to work in a graphical view, Grid View displays the DTD in an easily recognizable tree structure that can be edited just like the hierarchical element structure of any regular XML document. In addition, attribute lists represented in a table view, which is ideally suited for this structure.

The XMLSpy DTD editor can infer a DTD from an XML instance, or generate a sample XML document based on your DTD. It's also easy to convert between DTD and XML Schema formats as your application evolves.

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"DTD support in XMLSpy has been a lifesaver!"

Kurt Cagle
Architect at Avalon Consulting & Managing Editor, XMLToday.org