Eclipse XML Editor

Advanced XML editor for Eclipse

Eclipse XML Editor

The XMLSpy Eclipse XML Editor provides seamless integration between XMLSpy and Eclipse, giving developers all the advanced XML editing features, debuggers, and wizards they need, directly inside the Eclipse IDE. XMLSpy provides the specialized functionality for working with XML and complimentary technologies that's not available in Eclipse alone.

The XML editor is compatible with Eclipse 4.4 and earlier versions.

The XMLSpy Eclipse integration module is available free-of-charge for both the XMLSpy Enterprise Edition and XMLSpy Professional Edition, and can be downloaded from the XMLSpy download page.



Advanced XML Editor Functionality

Powerful XML Views and Editing Features

When you work with XMLSpy in Eclipse, you'll have seamless access to all the powerful functionality of the XML editor, including the revolutionary Smart Fix XML validation with auto-correction, relational database integration, program code generation, and more. The text and graphical editing views simplify the creation, editing, and debugging of XML-related documents, streamlining your development process.

Eclipse XML editing tools

Wide Range of Support

In addition to working with XML-based technologies including XBRL and Open XML using the Eclipse XML Editor, you will have access to powerful tools that support complimentary technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, JSON, and even EPUB. In addition, XMLSpy is the only XML editor that includes support for generating charts and graphs based on XML data.



XML Schema Tools for Eclipse

XML Schema Editor

Integration with XMLSpy lets you use the world’s leading XML Schema editor - which supports both XML Schema 1.0 and XML Schema 1.1 - in Eclipse. The graphical XML Schema view provides an easy-to-use, visual interface for designing, generating, converting, documenting, and validating XML Schemas.

XMLSpy will generate an XML Schema based on sample XML instance(s) or a relational database structure. And the reverse is supported as well - it's easy to generate a sample XML instance or database based on an XSD.

Schema-based program code generation in Java and other languages is also supported.

XML Schema editor for Eclipse



XPath, XSLT, and XQuery Tools for Eclipse

XPath, XSLT, XQuery 1.0/2.0/3.0

XMLSpy has built-in knowledge of XPath, XSLT, and XQuery syntax with robust support for versions 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 of the standards. Working with these technologies in XMLSpy gives Eclipse users specialized functionality including XPath auto-completion, a multi-tabbed XPath Analyzer window, intelligent XSLT and XQuery editing, and powerful debuggers and profilers.

Intelligent editing features such as syntax coloring, automatic code completion, context-sensitive entry helpers, and many other time-saving utilities to help you create and edit XSLT and XQuery documents quickly and easily, directly inside Eclipse. The built-in XSLT debugger and XQuery debugger, as well as XSLT and XQuery profilers, assist you in optimizing your code prior to deployment.

XPath editor for XSLT and XQuery in Eclipse


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