XMLSpy Video Demos

Demos of XMLSpy Functionality

Watch the videos below to learn about just a few of the powerful tools and features in XMLSpy, and get useful information on the supported technologies at the same time.

Check back often for updates, and refer to the XMLSpy New Features Index for a complete list of functionality added since you last upgraded.

XSLT/XQuery Back-mapping


See how XSLT and XQuery back-mapping in XMLSpy lets you troubleshoot and debug your XSLT and XQuery by allowing you to instantly see source XML node and XSLT/XQuery instruction by clicking a portion of the output document.

Length: 02:40 (mm:ss)

XPath Editor and Tester


Explore the XPath/XQuery window of XMLSpy and learn how it makes developing effective XPath 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 (as well as XQuery) expressions quick and easy through an interactive, point and click expression building interface.

Length: 04:06 (mm:ss)

XQuery Update Facility


Learn about XQuery Update and see how to overcome the limitations of Find and Replace to make sophisticated XML file modifications with the XQuery Update window.

As you'll see, the XMLSpy implementation goes beyond the requirements of the standard, which notes that the result of an XQuery Update is a new XML file based on the original file and the new modifications. In this manner, each execution completely reformats the document. XMLSpy allows you to make updates directly in the specified XML file(s) without having to create a new file, providing an intelligent mechanism for implementing XQuery Update via a familiar find-and-replace paradigm.

This feature is new starting with XMLSpy 2015.

Length: 09:33 (mm:ss)



XBRL Table Linkbase Editor


Learn how the graphical XBRL Table Linkbase editor in XMLSpy makes it easy to define XBRL tables for the presentation of multi-dimensional XBRL data. You can determine whether your table produces the desired results in the real-time XBRL Table layout preview, which is new starting in XMLSpy 2015.

Length: 04:50 (mm:ss)



XBRL Formula Editor


The XBRL Table Layout preview described above is also a key component of the XMLSpy XBRL Formula editor. Watch how you can now define assertions and formulas using a point-and-click, graphical interface, and then execute them directly in XMLSpy.

Length: 08:00 (mm:ss)