XML Generator

Comprehensive XML Code Generation Options

  • Generation of class files based on XML Schema
  • Royalty-free Java, C++, or C# code gen
  • Automated data binding implementation
  • Support for industry-standard XML processing APIs

Generate Program Code from XML

XMLSpy includes a built-in code generator that automatically generates royalty-free Java, C++, or Microsoft C# class files based on data elements defined in an XML Schema. Generation of C++ for use on Linux is also supported.

Once you have modeled data elements in XML Schema using the graphical XML Schema editor, XMLSpy can auto-generate class files (data bindings) corresponding to elements defined in your data model.

Built-in code generation frees software developers from the mundane task of writing low level infrastructure code, enabling them to focus on implementing critical business logic. By automatically generating a programming language binding, XMLSpy accelerates project development time from initial design to final implementation, resulting in substantial cost savings and time to market advantages.

generate code from XML

Customizing Generated Code

Output code is completely customizable via a simple yet powerful template language that gives full control in mapping XML Schema built-in data-types to the primitive datatypes of a particular programming language. You can easily replace the underlying parsing and validating engine, customize code according to your company's writing conventions, or use different base libraries such as Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) and Standard Template Library (STL).

XML Generator Options

XML generator: generate XML or JSON from XSD

In addition to program code generation, the XMLSpy XML generator lets you auto-generate XML, XML Schema (XSD), and even JSON files. All the following are supported:

  • DTD to XSD (XML Schema)
  • XML to XSD
  • XSD to XML instance with sample values
  • JSON to XML
  • XML to JSON