AI Tools for XML and JSON

XMLSpy AI Assistant

  • AI Assistant
  • AI-powered code generation
  • Generate code from natural language prompts
  • Generate XSD and JSON Schema
  • Generate sample instance docs
  • Create sample data
  • Generate XPath/XQuery statements

XMLSpy is AI-Ready

The XMLSpy JSON and XML editor includes AI integration for increasing developer productivity and creativity. The AI Assistant supports natural language prompts to generate XML or JSON schemas, sample instances, XSL or XQuery code, and more. This helps engineers of any skill level get a significant head start on any project, increasing productivity while letting you focus on bigger problems to save time and drive innovation.

It's easy to use your current Open AI key to enable Chat GPT AI functionality in XMLSpy: select AI Assistant from the Windows menu. Then, you’re ready to start composing a prompt.

Sample queries include:

  • Create a schema for storing human resources data
  • Create an instance with example financial transactions
  • Create a sample instance for active schema file
  • Create an XSL transformation that lists all root elements from the active file
  • And so on – the possibilities are endless
Using AI to generate a sample XML instance document with data

The code corresponding to your prompt is auto-generated by ChatGPT. Using the AI Assistant toolbar, you can copy the response to the clipboard, create a new document that includes the response, or open it in the XMLSpy XPath/XQuery window.

AI Tools for Editing XML

The XMLSpy AI Assistant is great for generating XSDs, sample XML instance documents, and even sample XML data based on your natural language prompts. You can even use the AI functionality to request XSL, XPath, and XQuery code.

Here is a sample prompt asking ChatGPT to generate an XML Schema for storing HR data and the corresponding response in the AI Assistant.

Using ChatGPT AI to generate an XSD in XMLSpy

Using the toolbar, we can create a new document with the response and then view the autogenerated code in the graphical XML Schema Editor to review and refine the XSD.

XSD autogenerated by AI

In just seconds, we’ve created an XSD that’s a great starting point for further development.

The XMLSpy AI Assistant can also be used to generate XPath and XQuery code, as well as XSL transformations, which you can then review and refine as necessary. This saves time and is also helpful for learning the syntax of these XML query and transformation languages.

AI generated XQuery statement

AI-Ready JSON Tools

The AI Assistant in XMLSpy offers the same functionality for JSON, enhancing productivity and giving software engineers a jump-start for JSON development. Using natural language prompts, you can ask ChatGPT to generate JSON Schemas, JSON instances, sample data, and so on.

Use ChatGPT in XMLSpy to generate JSON