EDI Mapping

Affordable EDI Translator and Mapping Tool

  • Drag-and-drop mapping between components
  • EDI to XML, Excel, text, databases, and more
  • PDF Data Extractor
  • Support for popular EDI formats
  • Visual EDI translator
  • Data processing functions & visual function builder
  • Process different EDI message types at once
  • EDI message validation
  • Data mapping debugger
  • Royalty-free code generation
  • Automate EDI mapping with MapForce Server

Creating an EDI Mapping

MapForce EDI mapping tool

The MapForce data mapping tool is a visual EDI translator that lets you convert EDI to other prevalent data formats, as well as to other EDI formats. Common EDI translation includes:

  • EDI to XML
  • EDI to databases
  • EDI to JSON
  • EDI to Excel
  • EDI to text and flat files
  • EDI to Protocol Buffers
  • EDI to other EDI formats
  • PDF to EDI messages

Support for Numerous EDI Formats

Full support for a wide range of EDI formats in MapForce allows you to use any of the hundreds of messages and transaction sets covered by these standards in your mapping design. You can even map from EDI to EDI, to, for example, convert EDIFACT files to an X12 format for your global business partners. You can also take advantage of MapForce's XML support to update your legacy HL7 v2.x messages to version 3.

MapForce supports EDI mapping for:

  • ANSI X12
  • HL7 (Health Level 7)
  • HIPAA X12
  • SAP iDOC
EDI Translator formats

Because users often need to customize the EDIFACT, X12, HL7, HIPAA X12, PADIS, TRADACOMS, ODETTE, VDA, and FORTRAS messages according to specific implementation requirements, MapForce includes a user-friendly EDI configuration file format that allows you to add new transactions or modify and enhance existing messages quickly and easily.

Once you've specified the data sources for your EDI data mapping, MapForce inserts them in your project as graphical components. Drag and drop to map data fields, insert data processing functions, and even build your own with the visual function builder.

MapForce supports any-to-many data mapping as well as chained mappings.

Supported EDI Formats

MapForce ships with built-in support for the most recent EDI configuration files, and you can download and utilize previous message formats for previous years for free. The links below provide information about the various versions of each supported EDI format.

EDI Mapping Automation

Once your EDI translation is complete, MapForce will convert the data so you can view and save results instantly. More often, it's practical to automate EDI mapping, and MapForce offers royalty free program code generation, as well as high-performance automation via MapForce Server.

“It's not often one encounters a solid software company in the EDI space but Altova with [their] support has truly impressed us.”

John Russell Enter, Inc.