JSON Mapping

Convert JSON Data

  • Drag-and-drop mapping between components
  • Convert JSON to/from XML, Excel, text, EDI, DBs...
  • PDF to JSON
  • Support for JSON, JSON5, and JSON Schema
  • Generates JSON Schema from JSON instance
  • Data processing functions & visual function builder
  • Support for relational and NoSQL databases
  • Supports mapping JSON subtypes
  • Supports JSON arrays containing mixed item types
  • Data mapping debugger
  • Transform JSON instantly
  • Automate JSON mapping with MapForce Server

Creating a JSON Mapping

MapForce JSON Mapping Tool

The MapForce data mapping tool supports JSON as the source or target of any mapping, allowing you to define transformations such as:

  • PDF to JSON
  • JSON to/from XML
  • JSON to/from databases
  • JSON to/from EDI
  • JSON to/from Excel
  • JSON to/from text and flat files
  • JSON to/from Protocol Buffers
  • JSON to other JSON formats

Visual JSON Data Integration

Simply drag and drop to define your JSON data mapping and choose from a comprehensive library of data processing functions and filters. Or, build your own with the visual function builder.

MapForce supports any-to-many data mapping as well as chained mappings.

Convert JSON data with MapForce

Generate JSON Schema

When you need to map JSON data but don't have a schema corresponding to a JSON or JSON5 instance, MapForce will infer one for fast mapping according to the document structure.

Convert JSON Instantly

Once your JSON mapping project is defined, you can click Output to transform the data instantly. (For mapping JSON to a database, the Output view shows the SQL statements that will be executed against the database once the mapping is initiated.)

For advanced troubleshooting, MapForce includes an interactive data mapping debugger for tracing how data flows through source and target nodes during mapping execution.

Automate JSON Mapping

To automate recurrent JSON conversion projects, you can deploy your MapForce projects to MapForce Server. MapForce Server provides high-performance automation of any-to-any data mapping projects at a fraction of the cost of legacy and big-iron data management products.