Integrating MapForce with Other Software

Seamless Integration of Advanced XML & Tools

  • Integration with Altova MissionKit software
  • Integration with Altova StyleVision
  • Access full functionality in multi-purpose IDEs
  • Seamless Visual Studio integration
  • Seamless Eclipse integration

Integration with Altova MissionKit

MapForce is available separately or as part of the MissionKit product bundle.

Altova MissionKit is a software development suite of enterprise-class XML, JSON, SQL, and UML tools for information architects and application developers that includes XMLSpy, StyleVision, DiffDog, and other award winning tools in addition to MapForce.

All tools in the MissionKit share a similar user interface and design philosophy, which reduces the learning curve and enhances productivity. MapForce users benefit from a familiar environment when switching between different tasks and tools.

Synergy among Altova MissionKit tools means you'll not only save development time, but save on your bottom line, as well. Instead of making individual product purchases, you can choose MissionKit to get 7 products for less than the price of 2.

The tight integration of products in the Altova MissionKit enhances the functionality and usability of MapForce. Users benefit from a seamless workflow across different tasks such as editing JSON and XML schemas, business report design, UML modeling, and more. For instance, users can open XML or JSON Schemas used in MapForce data mapping projects in XMLSpy directly from MapForce to view and or edit them as needed.

Global resources are also shared among installed MissionKit products.

Altova MissionKit

StyleVision Integration

StyleVision and MapForce are both part of the MissionKit tool suite described above.

Integration with StyleVision lets MapForce users automatically view output from their XML and XBRL data mapping projects in HTML, RTF, PDF, text and Word reports by associating them with a template design. This powerful feature allows you to automate report generation by combining the data mapping functionality of MapForce with the sophisticated rendering engine of StyleVision.

MapForce StyleVision Integration

When a StyleVision stylesheet is assigned to your data mapping, simply click the relevant format tab (i.e., HTML, RTF, PDF, text, or report) in the Output preview window to view your report. (StyleVision must be installed on your workstation.)

Visual Studio Integration

Free, seamless integration between MapForce and Visual Studio lets you access all the advanced functionality of MapForce directly inside the Visual Studio IDE. This includes the specialized data mapping, integration, and ETL tools that aren't available in Visual Studio alone.

To use MapForce inside Visual Studio, simply install the free integration package after installing MapForce.

Eclipse Integration

MapForce also supports integration with Eclipse for data conversion and transformation projects.

To use MapForce inside the Eclipse IDE, simply install the free integration package after installing MapForce.