MapForce Video Demo

Learn more about data mapping with MapForce in the demo video below.


Length: 03:37 (mm:ss)

Data Mapping Tools in MapForce

How does MapForce work? Learn how to map and convert between data formats using the easy, drag-and-drop data mapping tools in MapForce.

Length: 13:08 (mm:ss)

How to parse legacy text files using FlexText

It’s a common requirement to convert non-standard or legacy text files to or from structured data formats like XML, JSON, and relational databases. However, many times legacy text files are not in a format that can be readily mapped. MapForce includes a unique utility called FlexText that makes it easy to visually define templates for parsing legacy text files and making them accessible to the data mapping tool.


Customers Say

“It's not often one encounters a solid software company in the EDI space but Altova with [their] support has truly impressed us.”

John Russell, Enter, Inc.

“We have been test driving MapForce for 3 days and are absolutely impressed with the intuitive design and ease of use. Thanks for making our job easier. ”

Michael Elson, CRS Corporation