Altova StyleVision 2024 Enterprise Edition

Event: OnBeforeDrop (i_nXPos as Long, i_nYPos as Long, i_ipRange as AuthenticRange, i_ipData as cancelBoolean


Scripting environment - VBScript:

Function On_AuthenticBeforeDrop(nXPos, nYPos, objRange, objData)

 ' On_AuthenticBeforeDrop = False  ' to disable operation

End Function


Scripting environment - JScript:

function On_AuthenticBeforeDrop(nXPos, nYPos, objRange, objData)


 // return false;  /* to disable operation */




This event gets triggered whenever a previously dragged object gets dropped inside the application window. All event related information gets passed as parameters.


The first two parameters specify the mouse position at the time when the event occurred. The parameter objRange passes a range object that selects the XML element below the mouse position. The value of this parameter might be NULL. Be sure to check before you access the range object. The parameter objData allows to access information about the object being dragged.


Return False to cancel the drop operation. Return True (or nothing) to continue normal operation.

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