Altova StyleVision 2024 Enterprise Edition

Identifier aspect

The Identifier template iterates over:


(in open mode) the XBRL identifier elements present in the XBRL instance. The identifier element occurs within an xbrli:context element;

(in closed mode) a single given identifier, regardless of whether that identifier occurs in the XBRL instance.


The Identifier template is indicated with the following tags:




When you insert an Identifier template in the design, it is created as an empty template. You can then do the following:


Iterate over the Identifier's aspects (value and scheme), and return their values: An open or closed mode Identifier template will iterate over the Identifier aspects (value, scheme) that are specified as contents of the Identifier template, and return the values of these aspects.

Select Facts: An open or closed mode Identifier template can be used to select facts that match the properties of the selected Identifier.




Identifier values

Aspect value templates for the following Identifier aspects can be inserted via the corresponding Insert XBRL Element commands:





Identifier scheme


Identifier text value


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