Altova StyleVision 2024 Enterprise Edition

Menu Commands and Reference

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This section contains a complete description of StyleVision toolbars, Design View symbols, and menu commands. It is divided into the following broad parts:


An explanation of symbols used in Design View.

A description of the Edit XPath Expression dialog.

A description of all the toolbars with their icons, as well as a description of how to customize the views of the toolbars.

All menu commands.


While the User Reference section contains a description of individual commands, the mechanisms behind various StyleVision features are explained in detail in the relevant sections. The mechanisms have been organized into the following groups::


SPS File Content

SPS File Structure

SPS File Advanced Features

SPS File Presentation

SPS File Additional Functionality

SPS File and Databases  

SPS File and XBRL


For command line usage, see Command Line Interface: StyleVisionBatch.




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