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XML Signature Configuration

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In the Configure XML Signatures dialog (screenshot below), the options listed below may be configured.


Enabling XML signatures: Checking this option enables XML signature support in Authentic. As a result Authentic View users can sign the Authentic XML document they have edited. Also, when a document is loaded in Authentic View, the signature-verification process is executed. If XML signature support is disabled, then signing in Authentic is not possible and the XML document, when loaded in Authentic View, will not run the signature-verification process.




Own certificate/password for Authentic users: With this option the SPS designer can specify whether the Authentic View user may select an own certificate/password. (If this option is checked, the Authentic View user can select an own certificate/password via a button in the XML Signature dialog (see screenshot below), and that selection will replace the default certificate/password specified by the SPS designer.) If the SPS designer unchecks this option, a prompt appears asking for a certificate/password to be specified for the signature.




Show messages on load: Select the individual options for messages. A message will be displayed each time the document is loaded and the selected condition is true.

Sign automatically on save: If this option is checked, the Authentic XML document will be signed automatically when the document is saved. The certificate/password used will be that currently saved: either the certificate/password specified by the SPS designer, or the certificate/password specified by the Authentic View user—if this option has been allowed.


Clicking the Edit XML Signature Settings button opens the XML Signature Settings dialog, in which you can specify: the default certificate/password to be used; where the signature will be placed; transformation options; etc.


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