Altova StyleVision 2024 Enterprise Edition

After a user has entered or edited fillable PDF form data, they can:


Save the PDF to file

Submit form data in Forms Data Format (FDF) or the entire PDF file (in PDF format) to a server for further action


Form data can also be extracted to an FDF file or an XML file. How to do this is described in the next section, Extracting form data as FDF/XML.


Saving the form to a PDF file

The user can save the filled-in form as a PDF file. This PDF file can be re-opened and edited, transmitted electronically, sent for further processing, or archived.


Note:Default values of data fields associated with check box and radio button controls will not be represented in the PDF file. The user will need to explicitly fill in values for these data fields.


Submitting the form as FDF or PDF

Data in the filled-in form can be submitted to a server in FDF or PDF format.


The FDF format contains only the form's data. It can be processed to produce files that can be stored, transmitted electronically, and  imported back into the corresponding PDF form. The server location to which the FDF file is submitted will typically contain a script with instructions about how to handle the received FDF data.

The PDF format contains both form data as well as the page's graphics objects (which are used to render the PDF page). The submitted PDF file can be stored for records or be processed further.


StyleVision provides a Submit button for fillable PDF forms that has properties to specify (i) the server URL to which the form data is to be submitted, and (ii) the format in which the data is to be submitted (FDF or PDF). When the user clicks this button, the form data is submitted. to the specified server in the specified format.


For more information about the FDF format, see the PDF Reference.


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