Altova StyleVision 2024 Enterprise Edition

Altova applications will initiate Internet connections on your behalf in the following situations:


If you click the "Request evaluation key-code" in the Registration dialog (Help | Software Activation), the three fields in the registration dialog box are transferred to our web server by means of a regular http (port 80) connection and the free evaluation key-code is sent back to the customer via regular SMTP e-mail.

In some Altova products, you can open a file over the Internet (File | Open | Switch to URL). In this case, the document is retrieved using one of the following protocol methods and connections: HTTP (normally port 80), FTP (normally port 20/21), HTTPS (normally port 443). You could also run an HTTP server on port 8080. (In the URL dialog, specify the port after the server name and a colon.)

If you open an XML document that refers to an XML Schema or DTD and the document is specified through a URL, the referenced schema document is also retrieved through a HTTP connection (port 80) or another protocol specified in the URL (see Point 2 above). A schema document will also be retrieved when an XML file is validated. Note that validation might happen automatically upon opening a document if you have instructed the application to do this (in the File tab of the Options dialog (Tools | Options)).

In Altova applications using WSDL and SOAP, web service connections are defined by the WSDL documents.

If you are using the Send by Mail command (File | Send by Mail) in XMLSpy, the current selection or file is sent by means of any MAPI-compliant mail program installed on the user's PC.

As part of Software Activation and LiveUpdate as further described in the Altova Software License Agreement.


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