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Internet Explorer Compatibility

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Internet Explorer (IE) must be installed on the StyleVision machine to correctly display the SPS design (in Design View) and output previews (in Authentic View and HTML Preview). Given below are notes about the IE versions that are supported:


Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher

Internet Explorer 6.0 and higher has better XML support and is recommended.

Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) or higher provides additional features, such as support for more image formats and for new CSS styles. If you plan to use these additional features in your design, you might want to consider using IE9.


IE9 feature-support in StyleVision

The following features of IE9 or higher are supported in StyleVision:


Additional image formats supported: TIFF, JPEG XR, and SVG. (SVG documents must be in XML format and must be in the SVG namespace.) These image formats will be displayed in IE9, but not in older versions of IE. For a complete listing of images supported in the various outputs, see Image Types and Output.

Support for new CSS styles (including CSS3 styles), which are listed below. Application of these styles is limited to Authentic View and HTML output.







border-radius (border-*-radius)





overflow-x, overflow-y

outline (outline-color, outline-style, outline-width)

text-align-last (partial)

text-overflow (partial)


Support for the new CSS length function calc()

Support for the new CSS color functions rgba(), hsl() and hsla()

Support for the new CSS length units rem, vw, vm, vh and ch

HTML5 elements that are supported by IE9 can be inserted in the design as user-defined elements.


Design View and IE versions

You can set up Design View for a specific IE version by specifying, in the Properties dialog, the IE version with which you wish Design View to be compatible. This has the following effects:


All CSS styles that can be rendered by the selected IE version will be automatically displayed in the Styles sidebars of StyleVision. (Note, however, that if IE9 is selected, then IE9 must be installed for the IE9-supported CSS styles to be available in the design interface.) For example, if IE9 is installed and IE9 is selected as the compatibility version, then the CSS3 styles supported in IE9 will be available in the design interface.

HTML elements corresponding to the selected IE version can be entered as predefined formats or as user-defined elements. The HTML element will be rendered in Authentic View and HTML Preview according to how the installed IE version renders this element. For example, if IE9 is installed and IE9 selected as the compatibility version, then the supported HTML5 elements will be rendered in Authentic View and HTML Preview.


Setting up Design View for a specific IE version

To set up Design View for a specific IE version, select the menu command File | Properties and, in the Output tab, select the required IE (compatibility) version. See File | Properties for details.


Compatibility of older SPS designs with IE9

If you open an SPS design that has been created for an older IE version, and if the newer IE9 version or higher is installed on the StyleVision machine, then StyleVision will detect the newer version and ask in a dialog whether you wish to change the compatibility to IE9-compatibility. Changing to the new compatibility will provide additional Design View options as indicated above. The appearance of the document in Design View, Authentic View and HTML output will remain unchanged except for table columns, which are handled differently by IE9. If you change the IE compatibility to IE9-compatibility, then check whether the table columns are generated as required. If not, you can modify the properties of the table columns or switch, in the Properties dialog, the IE compatibility back to that of the previously selected IE version.


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