Altova StyleVision 2024 Enterprise Edition

An XBRL taxonomy can be used as a schema source in the following ways:


A new SPS file can be created with an XBRL taxonomy as its schema source via the File | New | New from XBRL Taxonomy.

In the Design Overview sidebar, clicking the Add Schema Source link pops up a menu in which you select the option Add XBRL Taxonomy. The taxonomy can be added to an empty SPS file (that is, one with no schema source) or to one already containing one or more schema sources.


On clicking either of these two commands, a file open dialog pops up, in which you can browse for the XBRL taxonomy. The taxonomy can also be selected via a URL or a global resource; how to do this is described below. Select the taxonomy and click Open. A dialog appears asking whether you wish to assign a Working XBRL file to the schema source. Browse for the file or global resource, or select Skip to not assign a Working XBRL File. (You will need a Working XBRL File in order to preview your output in the Output Views.)


The XBRL taxonomy will be loaded and will be available in the Schema Tree sidebar for dragging into the design. The Working XBRL file will be loaded and will provide the data for output previews.







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