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Macros on Context Menu Items

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Macros can also be used to customize Authentic context menus. This enables the SPS designer to add custom menu items that each execute a macro.


There is no GUI to aid in this process. The SPS designer must add an event handler for the On_AuthenticContextMenuActivated event, and then manipulate the menu via the AuthenticView API. This can be seen in the example file OnContextMenu.sps which is in the Authentic\Scripting folder of the Examples project in the Project window. The screenshot below shows the On_AuthenticContextMenuActivated event handler script in the Scripting Editor.

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The event handler for the On_AuthenticContextMenuActivated event creates two menu items and assigns macros to them. This example file also contains an event handler for the On-AuthenticLoad event, which disables entry helpers and markup buttons when AuthenticView is loaded.


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