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Instantiates the Form object identified by the name supplied as argument. The form must exist in the "Forms" folder of the scripting project. Returns the form object (System.Windows.Forms.Form) corresponding to the given name, or null if no form with such name exists.



CreateForm (strFormName : String) -> System.Windows.Forms.Form | null



Let's assume that a form called "FormName" exists in the scripting project.


The following JScript code instantiates the form with some default values and displays it to the user.


var myForm = CreateForm( "FormName" );
if ( myForm != null )
  myForm.textboxFirstName.Text = "Daniela";
  myForm.textboxLastName.Text = "Heidegger";
  var dialogResult = myForm.ShowDialog();


The dialogResult can subsequently be evaluated as follows:


if ( dialogResult == CLR.Static( "System.Windows.Forms.DialogResult" ).OK )
   alert( "ok" );
   alert( "cancel" );


Note:The code above will work only if the DialogResult property of the "OK" and "Cancel" buttons is set correctly from the Properties pane (for example, it must be OK for the "OK" button).

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