Altova StyleVision 2024 Enterprise Edition

Templates and Design Fragments

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The design document is composed of templates, and it is important to recognize the various types of templates that can be used.


Main templates and global templates: The design document consists of one main template and, optionally, one or more global templates. Global templates can be referenced via the main template.

Node-templates and variable iterators: These are the templates that constitute the main template and global templates. A node-template matches a node in a schema source.

Design fragments: These are templates that are designed separately and re-used in various parts of the design (main template or global templates).


In this section, we describe the role that templates and design fragments play in the structure of the design. We are not concerned here with the presentation properties in the design, only the structure. In this section, we also do not consider additional structural items for paged media, such as cover pages, headers and footers. These are described in the section, Designing Print Output.



Note:In Design View, the SPS can have several templates: the main template, global templates, page layout templates, and Design Fragments. You can control which of these template types is displayed in Design View by using Template Display Filters, which are available as toolbar icons. These display filters will help you optimize and switch between different displays of your SPS.


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