Altova StyleVision 2024 Enterprise Edition

Altova's XML products provide full Unicode support. To edit an XML document, you will also need a font that supports the Unicode characters being used by that document.


Please note that most fonts only contain a very specific subset of the entire Unicode range and are therefore typically targeted at the corresponding writing system. If some text appears garbled, the reason could be that the font you have selected does not contain the required glyphs. So it is useful to have a font that covers the entire Unicode range, especially when editing XML documents in different languages or writing systems. A typical Unicode font found on Windows PCs is Arial Unicode MS.


In the /Examples folder of your application folder you will find an XHTML file called UnicodeUTF-8.html that contains the following sentence in a number of different languages and writing systems:


When the world wants to talk, it speaks Unicode

Wenn die Welt miteinander spricht, spricht sie Unicode



Opening this XHTML file will give you a quick impression of Unicode's possibilities and also indicate what writing systems are supported by the fonts available on your PC.

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