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Altova StyleVision 2022 Enterprise Edition

The Find and Replace sidebar enables you to search in design text, styles, properties, and XPath expressions for strings that you enter directly or construct with regular expressions. The searches apply to Design View. The searching mechanism is the same as that used in the Find dialog that is accessed via the menu command Edit | Find. The results of the search are displayed in the sidebar. You can click on a result to go to the corresponding location in the design. To toggle the Find and Replace sidebar on and off, click View | Find & Replace.


For more information about the Find mechanism, see its description in the topic Find, Find Next, Replace.



Enter the term you want to search for in the Find field. Then click the dropdown arrow of the Find button to select the search options. The following options are available:


Where to search: (i) in the text of the design; (ii) in styles (entered via the Styles sidebar); (iii) in properties (entered via the Properties sidebar); in XPath expressions.

Case and/or whole-word matches: These are toggle options.

Regular expressions: Your entry will be treated as a regular expression. For a description of how to use regular expressions, see the topic Find, Find Next, Replace.



The results are organized into groups for (i) Design text, (ii) Styles, (iii) Properties, and (iv) XPath expressions (see screenshot above) . Each result item is structured to show the found item's hierarchy. You can click the found item or any of the links in its hierarchy to go to that item in Design View.


The results pane has a toolbar with icons for the following commands, from left: Go to next and previous items; copy items to the clipboard; find in the results pane; clear the results pane.



The Replace button replaces all the found items with the string in the Replace field.


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