Altova StyleVision 2024 Enterprise Edition

There are two ways in which graphics are used in an SPS:


As images in the design document, and

As Authentic View toolbar icons for applying markup to the XML document (custom toolbar buttons).


Note:Graphics are not rendered in Text output.


When inserting images in the design document, the location of the image can be specified directly in the SPS (by the SPS designer) or can be taken or derived from a node in the XML document. How to specify the location of the image is described in the section Image URIs. What type of images are supported in the various outputs are listed in the section Image Types and Output. The section Reference | Autnetic Menu | Custom toolbar buttons describes how toolbar icons for Authentic View can be defined.


Image properties

Images can be set in the Properties window. Do this as follows. Select the image in the design. Then, in the Properties window, (i) select image in the Properties for column, (ii) select the required property group, and (iii) within the selected property group, select the the required property. For example, to set the height and width of the image, set the height and width properties in the HTML group of properties.


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