Altova StyleVision 2024 Enterprise Edition

The User-Defined Template command inserts, at the cursor insertion point, an empty template that selects a node the user specifies in an XPath expression. Insert a user-defined template as follows.


1.Place the cursor in the design at the location where the template is to be inserted.

2.Click the Insert | User-Defined Template command. This pops up the Edit XPath Expression dialog.

3.Enter the XPath expression to select the node you want. There are a few points to note in this connection: (i) The XPath expression will be evaluated in the context of the node within which the user-defined template is being created; (ii) The XPath expression can select any node anywhere in the document as well as in another XML document.

4.After you have entered the XPath expression, click OK to finish.


An empty user-defined template for the targeted node will be created.


For more detailed information, see the section, SPS File: Contents | User-Defined Templates.


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