Altova StyleVision 2024 Enterprise Edition

StyleVision's Scripting Editor (screenshot below) enables you to add scripts for forms, macros, and event handlers to the SPS.


The  Scripting Editor can be started either with the menu command Authentic | Edit Authentic Scripts or by clicking the Authentic Script item in the view switcher menu of the Design View tab.




The scripting language can be changed by doing the following:


1.Right-click the Project item, which is at the top of the Project Tree (see screenshot above).

2.In the context menu that pops up, select Project Settings.

3.In the Project Settings dialog that appears, select either JScript or VBScript as the scripting language and specify the target .NET framework. The user can then access and use classes and extensions of the selected Microsoft .NET framework: for example, for creating forms.


The Scripting Editor and its features are described in detail in the Programmers' Reference.


Every SPS has a single scripting project, which is saved in the SPS. Clicking the Save button in Scripting Editor does not save the script to the SPS; it merely saves changes to the scripting project in memory. Changes in the scripting project are saved to the SPS only when the SPS is saved.


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