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DB Data Selection

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Selecting the schema and XML data that will be used in the SPS involves selecting one or more tables, or a cell. or a specific schema, depending on whether the database (DB) being used is a non-XML DB (such as MS Access) or an XML DB (IBM DB2 version 9.0, etc). We refer to the selection of the schema and XML data as DB data selection, and it is carried out immediately after connecting to the DB.


How the DB data is selected depends upon the type of DB to which the connection is being made:


In the case of non-XML databases, you select the table/s for which the SPS is being created. StyleVision automatically generates: (i) a schema based on the structure of the table/s, and (ii) temporary XML files based on this schema and containing the data in the selected table/s. How to select the tables is described in the section DB Data Selection | Non-XML Databases.

In the case of XML databases, you must do two things. First, select the XML cell of the DB in which the required XML data is stored. This XML data is loaded as the Working XML File of the SPS. Second, select the schema on which the SPS will be based. How to select the XML data and schema is explained in the section, DB Data Selection | XML Databases.



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