Altova StyleVision 2024 Enterprise Edition

There are two ways in which dates can be edited in Authentic View:


Dates are entered or modified using the Date Picker.

Dates are entered or modified by typing in the value.


The method the Authentic View user will use is defined in the SPS. Both methods are described in the two sub-sections of this section.


Note on date formats

In the XML document, dates can be stored in one of several date datatypes. Each of these datatypes requires that the date be stored in a particular lexical format in order for the XML document to be valid. For example, the xs:date datatype requires a lexical format of YYYY-MM-DD. If the date in an xs:date node is entered in anything other than this format, then the XML document will be invalid.


In order to ensure that the date is entered in the correct format, the SPS designer can include the graphical Date Picker in the design. This would ensure that the date selected in the Date Picker is entered in the correct lexical format. If there is no Date Picker, the Authentic View should take care to enter the date in the correct lexical format. Validating the XML document could provide useful tips about the required lexical format.


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