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The Define XML Entities command is available only in Authentic View. With the Define Entities command in Authentic View, you can define entities that you want to add to your XML document. After an entity has been defined, it can be inserted in the XML document by right-clicking at the location where you wish to insert the entity, and, from the context menu that pops up, selecting Insert Entity, and then the name of the entity to be inserted.


An entity that you define with this command can be any of three types:


Internal parsed entity. The value of the entity is a text string that usually occurs frequently in the document. Using an entity ensures that all occurrences are expanded to the value defined here.

External parsed entity. This is an external XML file that will replace each occurrence of the entity. The value of the entity is the URI of the external XML file.

External unparsed entity. This is an external resource that will be called when the entity is processed. The value of the entity is the URI of the external resource.


Clicking the command, pops up the Define Entities dialog (screenshot below).




For a description of how to use this dialog, see Define Entities in the Authentic View documentation.


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