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SysML is a graphical modeling language that supports the analysis, specification, design, verification and validation of systems such as hardware, software, data, procedures and others. In UModel, you can create SysML diagrams from scratch, or you can import or export existing SysML models via XMI, see XMI - XML Metadata Interchange.


The table below lists the diagrams available in SysML.







Block Definition diagram

Modified from UML


Internal Block diagram

Modified from UML


Package diagram

Reused from UML


Parametric diagram

Specific to SysML



Requirement diagram

Specific to SysML



Activity diagram

Modified from UML


Sequence diagram

Reused from UML


State Machine diagram

Reused from UML


Use Case diagram

Reused from UML



As illustrated above, SysML diagrams can be broadly classified into structure, requirement, and behavior diagrams. Furthermore, some of the SysML diagrams are reused from the UML, some are modified from the UML, and some are specific to SysML only. The abbreviation indicated for each diagram appears by default in the top-left corner of the Diagram Window, unless you choose to hide the diagram's heading.


Aside from the specifics of each diagram, designing SysML projects with UModel is not different from designing standard UModel projects, see Creating, Opening, and Saving Projects. An example UModel project that includes various SysML diagrams is available at the following path: C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Altova\UModel2024\UModelExamples\Bank_SysML.ump.


Creating SysML diagrams

To create SysML diagrams, your UModel project must include the SysML profile, which is a built-in UModel profile. You will be prompted to include this profile when you add the first SysML diagram to your project, as shown below. You can also add the SysML profile explicitly into your project, see Applying UModel Profiles.

To create a SysML diagram:

1.Do one of the following:

a.Right-click a package in the Model Tree Window and select New Diagram | SysML diagrams | <diagram kind> from the context menu, where "diagram kind" is one of SysML diagram types.

b.Right-click "Diagrams" or "SysML Diagrams" in the Diagram Tree Window and select New Diagram | <diagram kind> from the context menu, where "diagram kind" is one of SysML diagram types. A dialog box opens asking you to select the owner of the diagram. Select a package where the diagram should be stored, and click OK.

2.If the current UModel project does not include the SysML profile, a dialog box opens asking you to include it. Click OK to include the SysML profile into the current project, see also Applying UModel Profiles.


Note:If you selected the "root" package in step 1, SysML diagrams are created in their own "SysML" package.

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