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Altova UModel 2022 Professional Edition

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This chapter provides instructions for creating and manipulating UML elements, diagrams, and relationships from the UModel graphical user interface. It is intended as a "how to" guide to modeling with UModel. The enclosed instructions are generic across UModel and not specific to a particular element or diagram type, unless explicitly mentioned. For information applicable to (and grouped by) each diagram type, refer to the UML Diagrams chapter.


The information in this chapter is organized into the following categories: Elements, Diagrams, Relationships, and Stereotypes.






Creating Elements


Creating Diagrams

Creating Relationships

Stereotypes and Tagged Values

Inserting Elements from the Model into a Diagram

Generating Diagrams

Changing the Style of Lines and Relationships

Tagged Values

Renaming, Moving, and Copying Elements

Opening Diagrams

Viewing Element Relationships

Applying Stereotypes

Deleting Elements

Deleting Diagrams


Showing or Hiding Tagged Values

Converting Elements

Changing the Style of Diagrams

Collection Associations

Finding and Replacing Text

Aligning and Resizing Modeling Elements


Checking Where and If Elements Are Used

Type Autocompletion in Classes

Constraining Elements

Zooming into/out of Diagrams

Hyperlinking Elements

Adding Layers to Diagrams

Documenting Elements

Changing the Style of Elements


Note:UModel includes several example projects that you can explore in order to learn the modeling basics and the graphical user interface. These can be found at the following path: C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Altova\UModel2022\UModelExamples.

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