Altova UModel 2024 Professional Edition

Returns a reference to a static .NET object. You can use this function to get access to .NET types that have no instances and contain only static members.



CLR.Static(strTypeNameCLR : String) -> object


Example (JScript)

// Get the value of a .NET Enum into a variable
var enumValStretch = CLR.Static( "System.Windows.Forms.ImageLayout" ).Stretch
// Set the value of the Windows clipboard
var clipboard = CLR.Static( "System.Windows.Clipboard" );
clipboard.SetText( "HelloClipboard" );
// Check the buttons pressed by the user on a dialog box
if ( ShowForm( "FormName" ) == CLR.Static( "System.Windows.Forms.DialogResult" ).OK )
   alert( "ok" );
   alert( "cancel" );

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