Altova UModel 2023 Professional Edition

Scripting Editor is a development environment built into UModel from where you can customize the functionality of UModel with the help of JScript or VBScript scripts. For example, you can add a new menu item to perform a custom project task, or you can have UModel trigger some behavior each time when a document is opened or closed. To make this possible, you create scripting projects—files with .asprj extension (Altova Scripting Project).


Scripting Editor

Scripting projects typically include one or several macros—these are programs that perform miscellaneous custom tasks when invoked. You can run macros either explicitly from a menu item (or a toolbar button, if configured), or you can set up a macro to run automatically whenever UModel starts. The scripting environment also integrates with the UModel COM API. For example, your VBScript or JScript scripts can handle application or document events such as starting or shutting down UModel, opening or closing a project, and so on. Scripting projects can include Windows Forms that you can design visually, in a way similar to Visual Studio. In addition, several built-in commands are available that help you instantiate and use .NET classes from VBScript or JScript code.


Once your scripting project is complete, you can enable it either globally in UModel, or only for specific projects.


Scripting Editor requires .NET Framework 2.0 or later to be installed before UModel is installed.

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