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Type Autocompletion in Classes

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When you add operations and attributes to a class, autocompletion of data types is enabled by default in UModel. This makes it possible to specify the data type of the operation or property directly on the diagram, for example:


1.Right-click a class, and select New | Operation from the context menu.

2.Type the name of the operation after the double angle brackets << >>, and then type the colon ( : ) character.

3.An autocompletion window is automatically opened.


Autocompletion window

The autocompletion window has the following features:


Clicking a column name sorts the window by that attribute in ascending or descending order.

The window can resized by dragging the bottom-right corner.

The window contents can be filtered by clicking the respective filters (categories) at the bottom of the window: Class, Interface, PrimitiveType, DataType, Enumeration, Class Template, Interface Template, DataType Template.

To enable only one of the filters at a time:

Click the Single mode button ic-singlemode . The image above shows the autocompletion window in "multi-mode", that is, all filters are enabled. The single mode button is not enabled.

To select or clear all filters simultaneously:

Click the Set All Categories um_ic_set_all_categories or Clear All Categories um_ic_clear_all_categories buttons, respectively.

To disable autocompletion:

1.On the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the Diagram Editing tab.

2.Clear the Enable automatic entry helper check box.

To trigger autocompletion on demand (when it is disabled):

1.Make sure that the cursor is inside an attribute or operation of a class, after the colon ( : ) character.

2.Press Ctrl+Space.

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