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Adding a Project to Git Source Control

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You can save UModel projects as Git repositories. The structure of files or folders that you add to the project would then correspond to the structure of the Git repository.

To add a project to Git source control:

1.Make sure that PushOK GIT SCC Plug-in is set as source control provider (see Enabling Git Source Control with GIT SCC Plug-in ).

2.Create a new empty project and make sure that it has no validation errors (that is, the command Project | Check Project Syntax does not show any errors or warnings).

3.Save the project to a local folder, for example C:\MyRepo\Project.ump.

4.In the Model Tree pane, click the Root node.

5.On the Project menu, under Source Control, click Add to Source Control.


6.Click OK.


7.Enter the text of your commit message, and click OK.


You can now start adding modeling elements (diagrams, classes, packages, and so on) to your project. Note that all project files and folders must be under the root folder of the project. For example, if the project was created in the C:\MyRepo folder , then only files under C:\MyRepo should be added to the project. Otherwise, if you attempt to add to your project files that are outside the project root folder, a warning message is displayed:


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