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Inserting Composite Structure Diagram elements

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Using the toolbar icons

1.Click the specific Composite Structure diagram icon in the toolbar.


2.Click in the Composite Structure diagram to insert the element. To insert multiple elements of the selected type, hold down the Ctrl key and click in the diagram window.


Dragging existing elements into the Composite Structure diagram

Most elements occurring in other Composite Structure diagrams, can be inserted into an existing Composite Structure diagram.


1.Locate the element you want to insert in the Model Tree tab (you can use the search function text box, or press Ctrl+F to search for any element).

2.Drag the element(s) into the Composite Structure diagram.


ic-comp-collab Collaboration

Inserts a collaboration element which is a kind of classifier/instance that communicates with other instances to produce the behavior of the system.


ic-comp-collab-use CollaborationUse

Inserts a Collaboration use element which represents one specific use of a collaboration involving specific classes or instances playing the role of the collaboration. A collaboration use is shown as a dashed ellipse containing the name of the occurrence, a colon, and the name of the collaboration type.


When creating dependencies between collaboration use elements, the "type" field must be filled to be able to create the role binding, and the target collaboration must have at least one part/role.


ic-comp-part Part (Property)

Inserts a part element which represents a set of one or more instances that a containing classifier owns. A Part can be added to collaborations and classes.


ic-comp-port Port

Inserts a port element which defines the interaction point between a classifier and its environment, and can be added on parts with a defined type.


ic-comp-class Class

Inserts a Class element, which is the actual classifier that occurs in that particular use of the collaboration.


ic-comp-conn Connector

Inserts a Connector element which can be used to connect two or more instances of a part, or a port. The connector defines the relationship between the objects and identifies the communication between the roles.


ic-comp-depend Dependency (Role Binding)

Inserts the Dependency element, which indicates which connectable element of the classifier or operation, plays which role in the collaboration.

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