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Altova website: _ic_link Modeling SysML diagrams in UModel


SysML 1.2 is a graphical modeling language for system engineers and supports specification, design and validation of systems including hardware, software, procedures etc. SysML models and data can be exchanged via XMI in UModel.


SysML introduces two new diagram types and modifies three others while retaining some of the UML 2.0 diagrams.


New diagrams:

Requirement and Parametric diagrams


Modified UML diagrams:

Activity, Block Definition and Internal Block diagrams


Unchanged UML diagrams:

Sequence Diagrams, State Machine Diagrams, Use Case Diagram, and Package Diagram


SysML diagrams are split into two groups:


Structure diagrams
Behavior diagrams


SysML diagrams are available through the New Diagram | SysML diagrams context menu option in the Model Tree tab.



To insert a SysML diagram:

1.Right-click a package in the Model Tree tab.
2.Select the SysML diagram you want to insert, e.g. New Diagram | SysML diagram | SysML Activity Diagram.


Note:SysML diagrams are created in their own SysML package, when you try to add them to the root package.

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