Integrate MapForce with industry-leading IDEs

The latest version of MapForce, Altova's visual data mapping and Web services implementation tool, can be integrated with Eclipse and Microsoft Visual Studio. Just follow these three basic steps.

Now Eclipse and Visual Studio developers can have access to the graphical data mapping and Web services implementation capabilities of MapForce directly inside your favorite IDE. MapForce auto-generates XSLT, XQuery, and Java (as well as C# and C++) program code based on your visual designs, allowing you to immediately integrate the royalty-free MapForce-generated code into your own applications. Follow the following links for more information about Eclipse integration or Visual Studio integration.

Bonus tip: Integrating XMLSpy, StyleVision, and UModel with Eclipse and Visual Studio is also FREE, and just as easy. You can find all the information regarding IDE integration and Altova products on the Components page of our Web site.