Mapping Documentation & Analysis

Generate documentation for data mappings in Altova MapForce

Mapping Documentation & Analysis:

MapForce® 2017 includes the ability to generate mapping documentation and analysis reports in HTML, Microsoft® Word, RTF, and other formats. It provides basic documentation generation as well as custom analysis reports via StyleVision integration.

MapForce includes four ready-to-use reports, which you may customize using StyleVision:

  • Overall documentation report
  • Function call graph report
  • Functions used by report
  • Impact analysis report

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Documentation Generation for Data Mappings

MapForce is often used in team environments by developers and non-technical subject matter experts to map wide varieties of complex data to and from XML, databases, flat files, EDI, Excel, XBRL, and Web services. In these situations, the ability to generate human-readable data mapping documentation for quality control purposes and review is an extremely beneficial feature.

MapForce lets you generate detailed documentation of your data mappings, enabling designers and data integration specialists to share and confirm the accuracy of their mappings with other departments and/or customers.

The generated documentation gives an overview of all mapping inputs and outputs, including details on connections made and functions and filters that have been applied.

This is an invaluable feature for complex data integration and conversion projects, where the intricacies of all of the formats being mapped are often not known to quality assurance teams, subject matter experts, and other stakeholders.

Adding Annotations to Connections

To further simplify your data mapping documentation, MapForce lets you add annotations to any mapping connection(s) in the connection Properties dialog.

Text you enter in the Annotation Description field appears in the mapping design to help you retrace your steps and adds clarification for other members of the project team.

Connector annotation for a data mapping in Altova MapForce

Custom Analysis Reports

If you have StyleVision installed on your machine, you can generate a custom documentation report for in-depth analysis of the mapping project to trace and validate any or all mapping steps. One example could be to generate a report that lists all elements in the data source, with a warning message displayed next to any unmapped element.

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