Data Conversion Code Generation

Java application code generated by Altova MapForce

MapForce® 2017 can automate data integration and repeatable business processes by generating program code for complex recurring data mappings.

MapForce includes a built-in code generator that can automatically generate Java, C++ or C# class files from XML Schema definitions, databases, flat files, EDI configuration files, Excel workbooks, and XBRL taxonomies. The result of the code generation is a full-featured and complete application that performs the mapping operations. You can run the application directly as generated, insert the generated code into your own application, or extend it with your own functionality.

The ability to generate royalty-free code in various programming languages can provide tremendous performance benefits in your mission-critical data mappings and conversions by enabling you to implement lightning-fast data integration operations in source code that can be compiled into your own applications.

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MapForce Source Code Generation:

  • Royalty-free Java, C++, and C# source code from data mappings
  • Source code implements data processing functions included in the mapping
  • Built-in MapForce engine previews source code execution result
  • Easily update code by modifying the underlying data mapping

Custom Data Conversion Code

Generated output code is completely customizable via a simple yet powerful template language.

You can easily replace the underlying parsing and validating engine, customize code according to your own writing conventions, or use different base libraries such as the Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) and the Standard Template Library (STL).

You can even configure your code with data streams for input and output.

Integrating MapForce Code

Even though MapForce generated code is actually a self-contained application, it can also be adapted to your own application to serve as a data integration component.

You can edit your generated code directly to complete such operations as defining your own source or target files, using an XML input stream as an XML data source, or adding extra error handling code.

API & ActiveX Control

In addition to its easy-to-use graphical user interface, Altova MapForce® 2017 provides powerful Java and COM based automation interfaces that let developers access its advanced features programmatically - by calling it from another application.

MapForce can also be accessed through an ActiveX control, as well as via the command line.

Code generation menu option in Altova MapForce
Code generation settings in Altova MapForce

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