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Block Definition diagram

Block Definition Diagrams are based on the UML class diagram with restrictions and extensions as defined by SysML.


The Block Definition Diagram describes the relationship between various blocks, their associations, generalizations, as well as dependencies. This can lead to the modelling of a system hierarchy, or classification tree.


Blocks have several structures called "property"


Part property
Reference property
Value property



To add a property to a block:

Right-click an existing block and select New | Property (or PartProperty, ReferenceProperty, ValueProperty etc.).


Note:Depending on what you insert, a new compartment is added to the Block, e.g. parts for a PartProperty, or values for a ValueProperty.



To show block properties as nodes:

Right-click the Block and select Show | Show properties as nodes on node. This shows the various Block properties, ports etc. as 'objects' in a compartment.

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