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Activity diagram

The SysML Activity diagram is modified from UML 2.0. Please follow the links below to find out about the Activity diagram and how to create Activity diagrams using the various modeling elements.


For a general introduction to Activity diagrams, see: Activity Diagram
To insert Activity diagram elements, see Inserting Activity Diagram elements
To create branches and merges, see Creating branches and merges
To find an explanation with examples of Activity diagram elements, see Activity Diagram elements


In UML all behaviors, Activities included, are classes and Activity instances are the actual execution of the activity. Creating an activity instance, starts the execution, while destroying the instance terminates it.


SysML extensions to Activities diagrams:


Support for continuous flow modeling using the continuous stereotype (streaming activities)
Alignment of Activities using the Enhanced Functional Flow Block diagram (EFFBD) (which is basically an Activity diagram, with Allocate Partitions)


In SysML, Activities can appear in Block Definition diagrams as regular blocks with the <<Activity>> keyword/stereotype.


SysML Activity diagram


Activity diagram without swimlanes


Activity diagram with swimlanes

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