Altova StyleVision 2023 Professional Edition

Method: GetToolbarButtonState (ButtonIdentifier as string) as AuthenticToolbarButtonState


Return Value

The method returns AuthenticToolbarButtonState



Get/SetToolbarButtonState queries the status of a toolbar button, and lets the user disable or enable the button, identified via its button identifier (see list above). One usage is to disable toolbar buttons permanently. Another usage is to put SetToolbarButtonState in the OnSelectionChanged event handler, as toolbar buttons are updated regularly when the selection changes in the document.


Toolbar button states are given by the listed enumerations.


The default state means that the enable/disable of the button is governed by AuthenticView. When the user sets the button state to enable or disable, the button remains in that state as long as the user does not change it.




Invalid object.


Invalid parameter.


Internal error.


Invalid button identifier.


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