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This example illustrates how to connect to a MariaDB database server through ODBC.


The MariaDB Connector/ODBC ( must be installed.

You have the following database connection details: host, database, port, username, and password.

To connect to MariaDB through ODBC:

1.Start the database connection wizard.

2.Select MariaDB (ODBC), and then click Next.


3.Select Create a new Data Source Name (DSN) with the driver, and choose MariaDB ODBC 3.0 Driver. If no such driver is available in the list, click Edit Drivers, and select any available MariaDB drivers (the list contains all ODBC drivers installed on your operating system).

4.Click Connect.


5.Enter name and, optionally, a description that will help you identify this ODBC data source in future.


6.Fill in the database connection credentials (TCP/IP Server, User, Password), select a database, and then click Test DSN. Upon successful connection, a message box appears:


7.Click Next and complete the wizard. Other parameters may be required, depending on the case (for example, SSL certificates if you are connecting to MariaDB through a secure connection).


Note:If the database server is remote, it must be configured by the server administrator to accept remote connections from your machine's IP address.

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