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You can insert footnotes in a document by adding the Footnote component (Insert | Insert Footnote) at the location where you want the footnote number to be. Footnotes are available in paged media output (PDF, RTF, and Word 2007+ in the Enterprise Edition; and RTF in the Professional Edition).


Note the following points:


The text of the footnote must be placed within the tags of the footnote component, and the footnote text can be formatted.

In the output, the footnote number appears at the location where the footnote was added. The footnote text appears at the bottom of the page, together with the corresponding footnote number.

In the output, footnote text will be formatted according to the formatting of the text within the footnote component in the design.

In the output, footnotes are numbered automatically through to the end of the document.

In the case of multiple output documents, numbering is re-started for each output document.



In the screenshot below, two footnote components (Insert | Insert Footnote) have been inserted. The footnote text has been placed within the tags of the component, and the text has been formatted.


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The screenshots below show the output. The screenshot at left shows the complete page, while the screenshots at right show closeups of the footnote numbers (top) and footnote texts (bottom).


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Note:        Formatting of footnote numbers is not supported.



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