Altova StyleVision 2024 Professional Edition

The Rest of Contents command inserts the (rest-of-contents) placeholder for that node. This placeholder represents the content of unused child nodes of the current node; it corresponds to the xsl:apply-templates rule of XSLT applied to the unused elements and text nodes of the current element. Note that templates are not applied for child attributes. The (rest-of-contents) placeholder can also be inserted for an element by placing the cursor inside the element tags, right-clicking, and selecting Insert Rest of Contents.


Use the (rest-of-contents) placeholder in situations where you wish to process one child element in a specific way and apply templates to its siblings. It is important to apply templates to siblings in order to avoid the possibility that the siblings are not processed. This enables you to reach elements lower down in the document hierarchy.


The (rest-of-contents) placeholder can be deleted by selecting it and pressing the Delete key on the keyboard.


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