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A User-Defined XML Text Block is an XML fragment that will be inserted into the XSLT code generated by the SPS. It is placed in the SPS design as a self-contained block to which no design element may be added. Such an XML Text Block should therefore be applicable as XSLT code at the location in the stylesheet at which it occurs.


The usefulness of this feature is that it provides the stylesheet designer a mechanism with which to insert XSLT fragments and customized code in the design. For example, an ActiveX obect can be inserted within an HTML SCRIPT element.


Note:This feature will be enabled only in Enterprise editions of Authentic View (that is, in the Enterprise editions of  StyleVision, Authentic Desktop, Authentic Browser, and XMLSpy).


Inserting User-Defined XML Text Blocks

To insert an XML Text Block, do the following:


1.Right-click at the location in the design where you wish to insert the User-Defined Block.

2.From the context menu that appears, select Insert User-Defined Item | User-Defined Block.

3.In the dialog that now appears (screenshot below), enter the XML Text Block you wish to insert. Note that the XML text block should be well-formed XML to be accepted by the dialog.




In the screenshot above an XML Text Block is added that generates an HTML ordered list.

4.Click OK to insert the element in the design. The XML Text Block is displayed in the design as a text box.


Note:An XML Text Block that is intended for a particular output should be enclosed in a suitable output-based condition so as to avoid unexpected results in alternative outputs.


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