Altova StyleVision 2024 Professional Edition

Example: A Template for Images

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The StyleVision package contains an SPS file that demonstrates the use of images in StyleVision. This file is in the (My) Documents folder: C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\My Documents\Altova\StyleVision2024\StyleVisionExamples\Tutorial\Images\Images.sps. The Images document (Images.xml and Images.sps) consists of three parts:


The first part shows how text state icons can be used in Authentic View (can be created in Enterprise and Professional editions only). When you open the file Images.xml in the Authentic View of XMLSpy, Authentic Desktop, or Authentic Browser, you can try out the use of text state icons. Note that text state icons are not available in the Authentic Preview of StyleVision, so you cannot try out this feature in StyleVision. How to create text state icons is described in the Reference | Autnetic Menu | Custom toolbar buttons section of this user manual.

The second part contains a table showing which image formats are supported in the various StyleVision output formats.  In Design View, only images with static URIs will be displayed. All the image formats listed in the table are displayed in Part 3 of the Images document.

In Part 3, all the popular image formats supported by StyleVision are displayed one below the other. After opening the file Images.sps in StyleVision, you can switch among the various previews of StyleVision to see how each image is displayed in that preview. Since the location of the image is in an XML node, you can also enter the location of your own images in Authentic View and test their appearances in the preview windows.


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